WAFTA exhibition: Mysterium


Yesterday I did my roster and artist talk at the Mysterium exhibition at the Central Tafe Gallery in Perth. Its a fabulous show of WAFTA members’ work that really shows the diversity of ideas and skills in the group – well worth seeing if you’re in Perth. Its on until 16th November.

These pics are of my piece, ‘Veil of Secrets’, while it was being made. The shapes, which each conceal a secret, were made first then assembled on soluble vileen and connected with free machine stitching as shown in the last pic. When all the stitching was finished the whole piece was put in water to dissolve the soluble backing.


I’ll post a pic of the completed piece when I get my CD.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing piece! Looking back (I’ve been missing, sorry!) I think your SAQA quilt is wonderful too. I’ve really enjoyed all your lovely book covers & printing. All such delicious colour 😉

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