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I’m back home now after spending most of the last 2 months staying at my parents’ home so I could look after them while my brother was having a break. I’ll still be going back and forth, but will have time to get back to my own work. We had a lovely Christmas with all the family – apart from my brother and Kana, who is in Japan visiting her family. We even had relatively cool weather over the Christmas period – 35c today though. I started the fabric collage, above while I was away – still a long way to go.

While at Mum’s, I altered some shirts for her. She was going to throw away their 4 shoulder pads but I thought I could use them so yesterday I sewed 1 of each pair together then stitched scraps of fabric over to cover – using a free motion zigzag. Underneath, I had a lining fabric which was attached at the same time. They will make the front and back of a small bag. Below is another piece I was working on over the last month – I finished it today. Not sure what I’ll do with it – it is big enough for a book cover. These are good projects to get me back into making.

My next project will be a quilt for a juried exhibition. The theme is ‘Living Colour’. I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to do this one as the deadline is Jan 31, but now I should have time to get it done. I have decided what I’ll do – hopefully I’ll have better luck than usual with juried shows!

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