Sun prints

I had some pressed rose leaves which I used to make 2 thermofax screens so I thought I would also do a sunprint with the idea of possibly using it in my ‘Living Colour’ quilt. I may over print it with the thermofax screen too. The circular print above is a different kind of sunprint – I painted the fabric then layed it over a silicon mat and left it in the sun to dry. Below: a notebook cover made from free form pieced small scraps with a machine embroidered applique. Stella gave me a whole heap of small quilting scraps which I sew together when I’m uninspired to do anything else.

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  1. Enjoying what you’ve been doing lately – love your Veil of Secrets! I’m working on a piece for Living Colour too, but it’s not ‘singing’ yet 🙁

  2. I love those sunprints, I must get back to my paints again. We certainly have plenty of sunshine at present to make them work well! The bookcover looks pretty good too. Cheers

  3. How do you make sun prints? They are really lovely. There are so many neat plants where I live I would like to try that to add to my quilts.

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