Hot Hot Hot!

Much cooler today – to everyone’s relief, but we’ve had a couple of days 44 and 41C with our hottest night on record at over 29 minimum. A horrible bushfire in the Mundaring/ Parkerville area yesterday caused around 50 homes to be destroyed. We live in the hills too, so I really feel for the people affected. It must be devastating to lose everything and most people had to leave so quickly there was no chance of saving anything much. The flames were up to 50 metres high and some people still don’t know if their homes are gone.

I did some test prints of my rose leaf thermofax screens today and was happy with them – some shown on my print table above. Below: this was meant to be a book cover but didn’t fit the book. It’s been in my box of bits for ages until I had the idea of making it into a purse. I cut a slot into the spine area, finished the edges with satin stitch and inserted a zip, then sewed up the other edges. The sleeves to hold the book cover form compartments inside the purse.

Another bookcover.

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