A little gelli plate printing

I had a quick printing session in the studio this morning before it got too hot. I also bought a Getting Started with the Gelli Plate mini workshop from Julie Fei Fan Balzer which I thought was worthwhile and good value. I watched most of it last night but will need to watch it again to absorb it all. You get unlimited access to these. I’ve also done one on deli paper.

These are my prints from today. I used liquitex basics acrylic paints and mediums and printed on watercolour paper, deli paper and manila folder card. 

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  1. Lovely experiments 😉 I must get my gelatine plate out of the freezer but not until I’ve cleared up & used some of the pile I made last time!

  2. This looks like you are having a lot of fun with masks and stencils with great results. Thanks for sharing. Interesting hearing you say you work before it gets too hot – and the US blogs are talking about freezing – and here in south UK we are flooding and the rain keeps coming!
    Hilary Florence

  3. I kept a geli plate out on my sunroom all winter. It was so cold out there, I needed no refrigeration. I have a made some wonderful monoprints from them. I am thinking about getting a permanent plate. I really like your prints.

  4. Thanks for all your comments, I haven’t tried fabric with my Gelli plate but have previously successfully printed fabric with a home made gelatine plate.
    I got my deli paper from Fishpond (online shop). It’s dry waxed – not the same as greaseproof paper.
    You may be able to get it from suppliers for food businesses – I tried but the quantity you had to buy was too large for me.

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