Quilt and a sketchbooking online course.

This is my quilt, Roses are Red… made for ‘Living Colour’ but not selected again (detail below) Oh well – try again next year! The main red fabric is wool, screen printed with thickened acid milling dyes. The print was from my charcoal drawing which I made into a photographic stencil. The rose leaves were printed with a thermofax screen while the green fabric at the bottom was sun printed then over printed with the rose leaves. The red cloque rose buds were appliquéd on and the whole quilt was machine quilted.

Foe the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing an online workshop with UK artist Dionne Swift called Developing Sketchbooks. I’ve really enjoyed working through the video lessons and interacting with the other students via a private facebook group. I would definitely recommend the workshop and Dionne as a tutor. It was a bit expensive – the exchange rate is not great for us – but I found it really worthwhile. It will be a useful method of developing ideas for future work.
A couple of photos of my work from Developing Sketchbooks
I’ve done a new post on the Designing Women blog – check it out here

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  1. Hi Linda
    I am so sorry you were not picked for the living colour exhibition. It does mean that we can enjoy your piece earlier, but it must be a disappointment. I think it fits the brief beautifully and is a wonderful piece of art. I really enjoyed the extract from your note book that you showed – great designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The color on the roses and the swirling shape, are SO bight and happy to look at this time of year when nothing is blooming!
    When you say, “a photographic stencil”, what is that? I’d love to know about the process.

  3. It looks like a great course. Not as expensive as I thought. I am doing creative sketchbooks with linda kemshall and that was expensive (but worth it). Looks like you have a bit of inspiration to go on with!

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