screen printing deconstructed

Organza is difficult to photograph but here are a couple of pics. I have 3 different weights in handwoven Cambodian silk as well as some other silk organza. The Cambodian silk is lovely – a more open weave, which will give a nice variety when it’s all pieced together.

Below: on the print table before washing out.

I put the leaves under the screen and squeegee thickened Procion dye over the screen mesh. It is then allowed to dry (can be helped with a hair dryer) it is then ready to print with another colour or clear manutex.

Dried screens.

Unfortunately I’ve come to a grinding halt now because of a bad cold – very sore ribs from coughing.
The next thing is to make a thermofax screen with a gum leaf design to add a little more detail to a few areas and I intend to dye and discharge some pieces too.

This week I also have to make some sort of bird either 2 or 3 dimensional for the display at the Claremont Craft Fair.

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