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bags 2015 005

Gardeners Delight

















This fabric collage was in my recent exhibition and has now gone to a new home.

I had quite a few sales so the exhibition was well worth doing but next time I’d like to have a series of work ready – no last minute rush! So I guess that is my long term plan, getting together a cohesive body of work.

I’ve just finished  taking part in the Facebook Art Challenge which was a nice opportunity to re-visit some older work. it was great to see some of the huge variety of pieces people shared on their Facebook pages. See my challenge posts here.  I also have an FB artist page which is fairly new. I started it to promote my thermofax screen designs, exhibitions, latest work etc. and will continue to develop it this year – would love a few more likes!

I’m also doing the Etsy Resolution: a free course from Etsy on how to set up or improve an Etsy shop. It covers things like establishing a brand, photographing your products, pricing etc. So far it’s been very useful but it’ll take a little time to revamp my shop – I have done my first homework which was the about page. Next is photography. Visit my shop here.

work 2015 002 work 2015 003 the bag was a side project to use a print I did to test a customers thermofax design – the little fox was only a part of the design but enough to make sure the screen would print OK. The rest of the bag is commercial quilt fabrics, it has ply-wood handles and a magnetic fastener.


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