February is Orange…

It’s time for ROY G BIV again already (stands for the colours of the rainbow) The idea is to post 5 photos for the challenge each month.image  The 2nd month, Feb, is O for orange. For links to the other blogs taking part, visit the blogs of Julie B Booth & Jennifer Coyne Qudeen.

image image image image

Photo 1. Banksia flowers, 2. Detail of my quilt: Scorched Earth, 3. Tyvek flower, 4. Breakdown printed silk scarf, 5. Shop window display in Tokyo.

We’ve just returned from a week down south at Margaret River with our daughters which was great – lots of delicious food, wines, galleries, beautiful beaches and countryside. I’m slowly returning to some work but it’s very hot & humid at the moment and my desktop computer has pretty much died. I’m considering buying an Apple. Managing on my husband’s old laptop but it takes longer to do everything because it’s unfamiliar.



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  1. A really interesting array of orange items, here, Linda. I especially love your quilt and the printed silk scarf- lovely. Wherever you are that’s hot and humid, I want to go there! Hope you get your computer issues resolved.

    • Thanks Sharmon. I’m in Perth, Western Australia – at least we’re not having cyclones like the other side of the country.

    • Thanks Maya. Banksias are native to Australia, I love them too. There are 100s of varieties from ground covers to large trees and they usually have spectacular, large flowers.

  2. All these are lovely but your Scorched earth quilt has a particularly wonderful selection of oranges … and SUCH beautiful stitching … and I’m mesmerised by the extraordinary caterpillar-like Banksia flowers – anther good reason to visit Australia?

    • Thank you Margaret for your kind words – especially about my stitching! WA has the most varieties of Banksia – 1 of many reason to visit.

  3. What a wonderful array of oranges, and I love the sort of “burnt” orange-ness of these shades. You quilt is absolutely stunning – the colors, the intricately stitched patterns and the overall effect!

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