Thermofax 101 by Lyric Kinard: Review & Giveaway

If you’ve been interested in Thermofax printing, surface design, or just applying your own designs, drawings or photos onto fabric, but perhaps not sure how to go about it, then Thermofax 101 is the DVD for you! I think more experienced people will learn from it too.
You can win your own copy – details later in this post.

I’m very happy to do a review on Lyric Kinard’s new DVD because I love thermofax printing and surface design. I’ve had a thermofax machine for several years now – I also make screens for other people and I know many would benefit from the information and know how in this DVD. As Lyric points out, you do not need to own a machine to do your own prints, She includes a list of suppliers in a file included on the DVD.

Lyric is a great presenter, she is clear, easy to listen to and gives a really comprehensive overview covering everything from how a thermofax screen is made, taping or framing the screen, what type of images you can use and how you can find copyright free designs or create your own designs, to the different types of paint and other media you can use, how to print and look after your screens, and also some very useful information on design, layering related imagery and changing scale to create your own wonderful fabrics.
The DVD is divided into chapters so you can find the relevant information easily.
To purchase Thermofax 101 direct from Lyric, go here:


Ammonite 2 prints Design by Lyric Kinard

I particularly enjoyed the more unusual print techniques Lyric has included, such as foiling, masking and over-printing, using the transparent and opaque properties of paint and discharging (removing colour from dyed fabric) I also loved seeing some of Lyric’s finished pieces which incorporated thermofax printing.


I have a few little tips that I’ve found useful:
1. I mark the front of the screen by writing on the frame or tape with permanent marker: this side UP. In the DVD, Lyric shows that the smooth side of the screen goes against the fabric and the rough or scratchy side is the side you print from, but I find it’s really easy to forget which side is the correct side when you’re printing so I mark it.(pic above left)
2. Lyric shows how you can use a foam brush instead of a squeegee – I’ve found that works best if you cut off the tip of the brush so it’s firmer to swipe across the screen.
3. If you have a screen with an all-over textured image, you can make a mask by cutting or tearing a shape or window in a sheet of paper, place the mask on the fabric, then the screen over the mask, and print through it. You’ll then have a print of the shape you’ve made filled with texture. (pics below)
4. I use re-positionable double sided tape to attach the screen mesh to the frame – I sometimes tape as well because it makes the screen easier to clean but it’s not really necessary.
5. I wouldn’t use hot water to wash screens, cold is fine. Heat is not good for thermofax mesh – keep them out of direct sun too.
6. I use a soft sponge to wash the paint from the screen & sometimes a paintbrush to remove any paint that goes under the edges of the frame.

If you look after your screens correctly they should last for hundreds of prints – as Lyric emphasises, the most critical thing is not to let the paint dry on the screen!

To win your own DVD, leave a comment on this post and tell me what type of image you would like to print – could be your own drawing, a photographic image, a block print or rubbing, a vintage image, etc.  I’ll draw the winner on May 16th & announce it here.

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  1. Hi,
    Im so interested in learning how to embellish my fabric for my art quilts.
    Loving the idea of being able to use some of my own designs or altered vintage,photographic images.
    Fingers crossed I get to win the DVD.

  2. I am new to silk screens, but have bought my first one. Using a freezer paper mask appeals to me. I also just read a post on a blog by Hilary B and she was just painting her screens and adding some different colours for backgrounds, I like this idea too.

  3. I would love to have thermofax screens made from my own drawings and from vintage photos! Thanks for being a part of this dvd giveaway.

  4. Thanks for commenting Roxanne – it’s a bit difficult to recommend a machine because as I’m in Australia, the brand we have access to will be different to those in other countries. I bought mine from which is our only supplier now & have been happy with it. I suggest you ask the question at some of the other blogs involved in the U.S.

  5. Hi Linda
    I love your tips and examples on ways to use a thermofax. I am so interested in trying my hand at thermofaxing. I want to make zentangles and have them made into a thermofax and if I get good at both the zentangles and thermofaxing, I want to make a screen with my granddaughters names surrounded by the zentangles. I am so exited at having the chance to win a copy of Lyric’s DVD and I am so glad I found your blog!!

    • Thanks Jo-Anne, let me know if you’re planning a trip over here – I’m sure I can organise something!

  6. I think one of the best things about blog hops is finding artists I didn’t know. Now I can follow you as well. Thank you for the info. Great blog

  7. I would like to do something with circles. I recently took a printing workshop and I have been bitten by the bug!

  8. I’d love to print a cityscape and some of my doodles. Thanks for the chance to win the DVD, it looks fantastic and certainly will help dispel some of the mystery (to me) of screenprinting.

  9. I would love to give this a try. I’ve tried making screens with interfacing and drapery sheers, but haven’t had great success. Trees would be my go to prints.

    Thank-you for the opportunity to win this DVD.

  10. Thanks for your additional tips! I am considering having some screens made and plan on using some of my freehand stitching patterns as the designs.

  11. My first choice for an image is a heart for sure. While I’m blanking on other ideas at this particular moment, I realize the options are limitless. This looks like a wonderful outlet for creativity.

  12. I am amazed at the variety of images being printed with this method (Hearts! <3) and would like to try it!

  13. Flowers or pets! I find I’d like to get more complex with my screen prints, but managing the separated floaty bits is far too scary for traditional stencils! I’d LOVE. A thermofax screen and machine etc, sigh, one day hopefully!

  14. I have used several Thermofax Screens and really enjoy the process because it is quick! Initially I will be purchasing some backgrounds, but I like the idea of using the outlines of birds.

  15. LOVE what you did with those hearts! They are one of my fav symbols along with circles and spirals. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. I’d love to win this book. I have a few mostly geometrical drawings I think would be good as screens and I want to try them.

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