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Yesterday we did the draw for Lyric Kinard’s Blog Hop giveaway of her new DVD, Thermofax 101, and the lucky winner is Emma! A DVD,generously supplied by Lyric will shorty be on the way to Emma but if you didn’t win, you can order your own copy from Lyric here.


I’ve been doing an online course: Art on the iPad from Susie Monday which has been very interesting – it has introduced me to new techniques, useful apps & even basic ways of using the iPad that I didn’t know. I would highly recommend it. The pic above is my drawing over a photo which was removed and a new background added.


The Old Place (above) is a new piece I’ve been working on for a WAFTA exhibition at the Perth Convention Center starting next Wednesday as part of the Craft Fair. It commemorates the property of my grandfather – he built the house before my grandmother came out from England and established an orchard there. My Father & his brother were born and raised there and my uncle lived there nearly all of his life. I have memories of visiting and playing in the lovely garden, as well as helping to pick fruit, as a child but later my uncle had Alzheimer’s and the property was neglected. We had to clear it out and sell it when he went into care at the age of 90.

The text was stencilled on with the original metal stencils I found then. I’ve used various other print techniques, including thermofax, roller, Gelli & silkscreen printing then added stitch.

image  Lokie, who belongs to daughter Kathleen has been visiting us this weekend and lastly, the Designing Women who took part in my Procion Dyeing workshop last month brought in their dyed fabrics for show & tell last meeting – the shirts (below) were done by Iris.



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    • Thank you Sharmon! for info on thermofax see the previous post and also the thermofax tab at the top on my website.

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