Roy G Biv: July’s colour is Violet

image image imageI’m a little late again this month for Roy G Biv, a challenge that each month, focuses on a colour of the rainbow – July is Violet. After trawling through my photos, I chose these. To find links to more Roy G Biv blog posts with violet, visit Julie’s blog here & Jennifer’s blog here. image

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I was wowed by the first photo of very purple embroidery. That looks like a great piece from the detail. And the purple flower on yellow…how’d you do that?

    • Thanks Roxanne! The purple flower on yellow was a photo of an agapanthus that I played with in a photo editing program – think it was Picasa.

    • Thanks Francoise! It done with heat transfer dyes using the fern leaf as a resist, then free motion stitching

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