August’s colour is brown

image Leaf & bark litter

We’ve now gone through the colours of the rainbow but the challenge continues. Here is my collection of brown images for this month’s Roy G Biv. To see more & links to other blogs taking part, go to Julie B Booth’s blog here & Jennifer Coyne Qudeen’s blog here.

Machine embroidered journal cover

Machine embroidered journal cover

Eroded rock face, Broome

Eroded rock face, Broome

Cracked - 1 of my spoonflower fabrics

Cracked – 1 of my spoonflower fabrics

Machine embroidered postcard

Machine embroidered postcard

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Having trouble digging for brown, when so much of my work is neutral. Love your choices and especially the Spoonflower print. I really like the texture of the journal cover as well. Great job this month!

  2. Fascinating how we see colours once we are challenged to look for a colour particularly one like brown. It is all around us as I am visiting the farm, the tree trunks,the soil, dried leaves,dried twigs and so on not withstanding the rusty metals on the old machinery.

  3. These brown photos all have me wishing I could reach out and touch the objects in them. the eroded rock face and the embroidered post card are particularly tempting! Some brilliant browns here, Linda!

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely comments everyone. I’m really a bright colour person in my work but do sometimes enjoy the more earthy colours & am inspired by the natural world.

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