It’s Pink for November!


It’s time for Roy G Biv (colours of the rainbow) again. We done all the rainbow colours so now we’re extending a little to finish off the year & this month it’s pink. For links to more pink posts go to Julie B Booth’s blog  or Jennifer Coyne Qudeen’s blog here.

I do often use pink in my work because it goes with a lot of the other colours I like. The above piece was done for the  Exhibition featuring all of the Open Studio Artists. It’s a fabric collage, mounted onto a painted canvas. This is a detail before it was totally finished.


This is a work in progress too – transfer dyes on synthetic satin.

Robin Gorden Grevillea in Mum's garden

Robin Gorden Grevillea in Mum’s garden

Some of my covered note/sketch books that I'll be selling at 'Gifted'

Some of my covered note/sketch books that I’ll be selling at ‘Gifted’

I've been making some cards too.

I’ve been making some cards too.

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  1. Such beautiful, intricate pieces! I love the warmth of the pinks and other shades you’ve used especially in the first one… And those blooms – works of art in and of themselves!

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