Happy New Year

Its been so hot since Christmas – we had more than a week of temperatures over 38C (100F) but finally had a couple of cooler days so I was able to work in my studio. Yesterday I was painting  and printing with thickened Procion dyes. Those pieces are still batching but these pics are from the […]

Freeform pieced quilt

I finished piecing this quilt today. It’s a mixture of scraps of my own printed/dyed fabrics and some commercial quilt fabrics. The only ones I bought were some of the dark border fabrics. Now I’ll put it away while I decide how to quilt it but at least it’s not in pieces on my studio floor – […]

Prints and more

Some of my demo pieces from the heat transfer workshop – above was a fairly random arrangement of torn painted papers and resists (fern leaves & yarn) which were heat transferred onto delustred satin – came out surprisingly well! In this sample, a lace doyley was used as the resist. The paper (right) was painted, glad […]

In the studio & in print

I’m teaching a workshop in heat transfer dyeing this week so I needed to check my mixed up dyes were still OK. They last a long time – several years if kept in a dark place, but I still need to make sure, so I painted lots of papers and cut them up before transferring on to […]

Some exhibition photos

Top: The White Challenge pieces looked good in the central area under a skylight – my 2 are on the right. ‘Skeleton Leaves’ (right) was sold on the opening night. I’ll have to decide what to do with my    other piece, ‘Lace Circles’ now. My Machine Embroidered Vessel with turned Jarrah base (made by DH) another view […]

A little peek at my work for the exhibition

I’ve finished my 6 pieces for Dimensions at last. I would have like to do more but am happy with the work I did get done. I’m looking forward to the opening on Friday to see what everyone else has come up with.

Our Exhibition Opens 9th November!

I should be busy working on my pieces for Dimensions but am recovering from having 3 teeth out yesterday. I’ll have to get back to work soon – still have lots to do. At our last meeting some great work appeared for the exhibition so I’m sure it will be worth a visit. On Friday, […]

Workshop fabrics

  Here are my fabrics from the workshop with Kerr Grabowski, batched and washed out.   The above fabric I actually did later at home. It’s another layer over a previous piece that washed out too pale. I love it now. It uses the same paper stencils as the much bigger fabric below. I think […]

Last week…

The above piece was done with heat transfer dyes on a bright yellow polyester, linen look fabric. Not my usual colours but I really like it. I also painted lots of other papers to transfer later. The painted papers last indefinitely as long as they’re stored away from light. The workshop with Kerr Grabowski last […]

Wongan Hills trip

This silk scarf was done last year but I hadn’t photographed it before. It’s crepe d’chine, breakdown printed with Procion dyes. The texture object used to make the screen was the rubber doormat outside my studio door. The silk/cotton scarf below, has been on my blog when in progress – it’s another breakdown print with […]