Printing and more Darwin pics

I’m doing a 2nd article, this time on thermofax printing, for the Online Quilt Magazine. It required some photos, – above is a result of today’s thermofax printing session.Below: I made a little print block from a strip of corrugated cardboard and test printed on a rollered background. The block is at the bottom of the pic. […]

I’m back from 2 weeks in Darwin!

These are a few of the pics from DH’s camera. We were in a small boat on the Adelaide River, about a metre away from this 4 metre wild crocodile which is jumping out of the water to catch a piece of meat. I wasn’t sorry when this part of the tour ended and we […]

Block Printing

I’m writing an article for Online Quilt Magazine on Simple Printing methods – I needed a couple more photos so had a quick print session in my studio today. The top part of this print is done with a scored polystyrene tray and a square block of polystyrene. The bottom part is done with the […]

Something new

Blue and Green Should Never be Seen… 45cms x 75cms. Strictly speaking, this isn’t really new – it was pieced more than a year ago but yesterday I finished the quilting and binding. I had a small collection of hand printed and dyed scraps left over from a series of work on the theme of […]

Thermofax screen frames and May BOM done

I’ve read some discussions recently about using thermofax screens without a frame. I don’t generally do that because it is just so much easier to use with a frame – I find I’m much more likely to make a mess if I don’t. Of course you can order them without the frame if you prefer. […]

Back to my blog

 I’ve been neglecting my blog – busy with family and doing things that don’t take too much thought, like the piece above which is made from leftover strips of quilt fabric, stitched with built in patterns and couched with yarns using my new sewing machine (below) The Brother QC 2000 has taken a bit of getting used to but I’m liking it. […]

Happy Easter

   This is the KL bag from the workshop  a few weeks ago. Kaye adapted it from a style she saw in KL – apparently popular with the young night clubbers. The wrap around handles make it a more secure bag. I think if I made it again, I would line the handles.


  Not much work happening lately, I’ve been painting walls instead of fabric. I have made another bag which I haven’t photographed yet and have been working on the DW red challenge. See the DW blog for my first piece.


A week or so ago our local branch of the Australian Sewing Guild ran a bag making workshop with Kay Platts.We had a fun day and came away with a few interesting patterns & techniques to try as well as the bag we worked on in the workshop – mine above. My daughter said it […]

Sculpture by the Sea 2012

This week has been slightly cooler so we finally went to see Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe beach. As always it was a fantastic event to visit and we had a great day out with a delicious lunch of Barramundi at the OBH too. Here are some of the photos I took. Above: by […]