Pincushion HakeaThis hakea is flowering in our garden now. Isn’t it lovely? I’ve had a week of no textile making as I’ve been doing other things like boring housework. At least I can see my sewing room floor now! I had an old friend over for lunch & we’ve also been getting quotes on a […]

This Week’s Bag This little bag is another scrap fabric collage like the one below. I keep all of my scraps even thin bits & selvages. If they are undyed, I save them until I’m doing some dying & throw them in. I have bags of long thin bits, square bits & colour sorted bits […]

Bag in progressThis fabric collage is going to be a bag but I think this technique would work well for wall pieces too. The fabrics are nearly all just dyed cottons except for a couple of silk bits & some knitting yarns. The richness of the fabric is built up with free machine embroidery, built […]

Strange flowerToday we went to Araluen Botanic Park which is close to where we live to see ‘Art in the Park’. There wasn’t much art to see, just some paintings, but it was a beautiful morning & with hardly anyone there, we had an enjoyable wander around the gardens. There were lots of colourful chilli […]

Fabric samplesSome of the pieces in these 2 photos are recent & some are older. For the sun dyeing below, I’ve used Dala textile paints except for the silk one, (spirals) which is Setacolour silk paint. I’ve used lace, leaves, shapes and threads for the images.The top photo shows some fabric painting techniques as well […]

Postcard & ATCDoreen has received these now so I’ve put them on my blog.The postcard features a face made of Delight air dry clay which Doreen made & very generously sent to me along with some unpainted ones & some moulded texture pieces so I could see if they were suitable for a project I […]

Make 5, Take 5, ATCsThe top photo is 2 of my latest ATCs.Below are the ATCs I received in the mail from Dale‘s swap. From top left: Ms T by Sara Hansson, Elizabeth Roberts, Fiona Lindsay, Joy Smith & Carolyn Greig. Many thanks to the artists for sharing their work. It is a pleasure to […]

Cottesloe Beach, Sculpture by the Sea

Sculture by the seaThursday we went to Cottesloe Beach to see the scultures by the sea. There was some fantastic pieces from a variety of artists in a great setting. It’s only on until Sunday. Then to the Fremantle Art Centre, where we had lunch at the cafe & saw another very interesting exhibition featuring […]

My finished Mobius Strip Mobius Strip detail This was finished on Saturday night. I’m very pleased with how it looks although it’s a bit small to wear around my shoulders. However, it works very well as a scarf. I should have used a hoop for the free stitching as it buckled up a bit too […]