Chenille Scarf As promised, the photo of the scarf after dyeing. It was rather insipid before, I think it’s much richer looking now. I’ve used Napthol dyes & it’s rayon fabric.Our Sunday 84 Group workshop on the Mobius strip was great, Annie had some fantastic finished pieces to inspire us, everything from wraps to hairbands […]

This week’s bag This was started last year but finally finished this week. I used the basic method fromElli Woodsford’s book ‘Designer Machine embroidery & Textile Decoration’ & my own style of fabric collage. I was pleased with the way it turned out although I would do the lining differently if I did another one.I […]

Socks from ReneeThese socks were a lovely surprise from my daughter in Austria.She sent a package for my husband Wayne’s birthday which included 2 pairs of her handknitted socks, one for me & one for Kathleen, my other daughter. I’m so impressed with her knitting skills especially as she taught herself. They are very comfortable […]

Purple Here’s last weeks needlefelt challenge, late again! The above piece is done on soluble vileen which has been washed out. I followed the article by Margo Duke in Quilting Arts Mag issue 25.After needlefelting all of the fabrics, which range from cotton gauze to silks & velvet, I added some wool & silk tops […]

Bookcover Finally, the bookcover I finished last week. The background fabric was a very faded pair of light blue jeans. I flicked blue & magenta acrylic paint over the fabric and then used it to try some fabric paint & stamping techniques. Then cut it up, reassembled the pieces, stitched them onto a backing fabric […]

More ATCs Hopefully this is a better photo. I’m having a few failures with my photography lately, I need to learn how to use my camera properly. I finished a notebook cover today but the photos I took were all out of focus although my camera has auto focus. Oh well, try again tommorrow.Yes, I […]

ATCsSome of the 32 ACTs I’vedone for the 84 Group. 1 for each member &1 for the group. The other photos didn’t turn out very well.I may post more later.

I haven’t posted for a while, been busy & out a lot. I’ve nearly finished my 32 ATCs, just have to finish the edges of the last 7. Quite a good day at the 84 Group on Sunday, Marilyn showed us a few of her embroidery techniques & then how to make an album to […]

Cloque Bag, back & front. I made this little bag today from cloque sample pieces & leftover bits. The fabrics are polyester chiffon, organza & satin which were heat transfer dyed before being stitched and Cloqued.I’ll take it to Elizabeth Morley’s gathering tommorrow as we have to take show & tell.She holds a get together […]