I leave on my big trip today! So this will be my last post for a while, although I may have a chance to post some photos of Prague, Berlin & Austria while I’m away.I’ve posted a photo of some work I did a while ago which is still not made into anything. Its one […]

The above photo is my sewing room wall with all the ATCs I’ve received from various people in different parts of the world through Dale’s swaps. I’m relatively new to this so there aren’t too many yet & they’re displayed just above my sewing machine.

The tulips are at Araluen Botanic Park which is not far away from our house. My daughter Renee has a waitressing job there until we leave Monday week and she took this photo one day before work. I love the way the morning sun is shining through the tulips making them look like lanterns.

I did finally finish the scarves and have sent them off. The photo above shows the ones I still have. There are 3 designs for this size but only 2 are shown. The end borders are interchangable.They do take a bit of time to do as I don’t have the designs on a big screen […]

The above photo is just a close up view, it’s so hard to photograph prints on silk. I thought this shows the designs a little better.The photo below shows a whole scarf with its organza bag & label which I make too.