New print blocks

Last week I made some new blocks (above) – some lino and some stick-on fun foam. I usually glue them onto a wood base, sometimes cut to shape, then glue a print from the block, done on paper, to the back. I then varnish them. I find this really helps with the printing process and […]

Block printing & plans

The weather’s been nice this week so I’ve spent some time in my studio making some new printing blocks as well as doing some printing with dyes and paints. The shapes I used to make the above blocks are from the reject shop, 2 packs of peel and stick squares and circles, made for furniture […]

Dye work

Above: some of the experimental pieces from last week, all done with procion MX dyes on cotton Most are hand painted with thin or thickened dyes, sometimes both together. One is block printed. The lines are done with thick dye squeezed from a bottle with a small nozzle. These 4 were dyed in the same […]

More bookcovers

Today I took 9 of these to the gallery. The butterfly & heart ones I had done a while ago but the other 3 with the ATCs are new. The fabrics were made using dye, paint, block print, and stitch. I always have a pile of various fabric pieces that I’ve done which come in […]

New block & test print

We’ve been having beautiful Spring weather lately which has encouraged me to enter my studio. Before I start anything major, I’m having to tidy up and sort things out.I found a strip of block making material which had some marks already cut into it from when I had demonstrated block cutting at one of my […]

Latest things

Block PrintThis a the test print from a printing block I cut from a plastic eraser. Very easy to cut and nice to print with. I’ll use the blue fabric in my TIF challenge piece. Fabrics made from scraps This fabric was made by stitching down scraps of various light coloured polyester fabrics onto a […]

Avondale Harvest Festival Top: a sample printed from a block I made by glueing dowel craft sticks to a wood base. The fabric is a dyed cotton knit and I’ve used fabric printing ink and some metallic fabric paint.I took the other 2 pics on Sunday at a country harvest festival at Beverley, about 1 […]