In my studio

Above: breakdown print on silk – using Procion dyes. I love this process – hadn’t tried it on silk before and not my usual colours but I’m happy with how this has turned out. I think I’ll send it for the Artwear Publications complex cloth swap to be shown at the Brisbane Textile Art Festival. […]

Dispersal dyes & a tidy studio

Above: some samples with dispersal dyes on poly satin. Before I teach or demonstrate I always like to re-visit the technique, while at the same time, test my dyes are still OK. I really like these quick pieces and will develop them further – maybe a large piece coming up! I had to take some […]

More breakdown prints

2 larger pieces after washing out. Detail pics following each one. Both Procion dyes on cotton. I was happy with these but may add more after contemplating for a while. A couple of answers: Manutex is an alginate thickener for dyes so they can be used for printing. What do I do with my fabrics? […]

Garden & new work

We’ve been enjoying gorgeous Spring weather (although we need more rain) so I was prompted to take a couple of garden pics.Top is looking down towards the vegie garden which is shown below. A new covered notebook using one of my recent prints. This will be a surprize for someone soon. Another breakdown print – […]

Breakdown prints

This week I’ve been playing with breakdown printing. These are all from the same screen which I used for monoprinting on another large piece of fabric then left all the dye on the screen to dry. The next day I printed from it with clear manutex – the middle pic is the first pull – […]

Printing & Dyeing

Another Breakdown Print Above: a detail of my last breakdown print. The whole piece is shown below. I’ve used bubble wrap impressed onto the dye coated screen. The dye was quite thick and didn’t breakdown as quickly with printing but I quite like how this fabric turned out, the print placement is better and it […]

Breakdown Printing

More breakdown printing This is from the 2nd screen I did. I’ve used various objects to make impressions. The mesh on this screen was finer and I found the screen brokedown more quickly so I didn’t get as many prints and also It was harder to clean. There were a few very stubborn little spots […]

Breakdown Printing Today I tried this for the first time. I bought the book by Claire Benn and Lesley Morgan last year. Now I think I’m addicted. The process uses thickened Procion Dyes painted thickly onto a silkscreen. I used a piece of fairly thick crochet-look fabric pressed into the wet dye. When it’s dry […]