August’s colour is brown

┬áLeaf & bark litter We’ve now gone through the colours of the rainbow but the challenge continues. Here is my collection of brown images for this month’s Roy G Biv. To see more & links to other blogs taking part, go to Julie B Booth’s blog here & Jennifer Coyne Qudeen’s blog here.

Textureslast pics from Broome, I promise! Just a couple of textures, corrigated iron on a derelict builing and another rock photo.Today was my mother’s 80th birthday so we had a picnic at Kings Park and saw the fantastic wildflowers. They have a wildflower festival every September, this year was better than ever. Didn’t take my […]

Creatures and BoabsThe above photo shows one of the many Boab trees in Broome. (below) I was intrigued by this seen on the beach sand at Broome’s port. Some kind of small marine creature lives here, each pattern has a little hole in the middle and the pattern is formed by little balls of sand […]

More Broome PhotosThe first one shows some of the magroves that grow on the edge of the ocean. Broome has very high tides so the beach looks quite different at different times of the day.The second photo shows some of the amazing texture in the rocks. I’ll post some more but I only seem to […]

Broome I’ve just come back from 6 days in Broome. It’s a fantastic place, boab trees, stunning beaches with the most gorgeous turquoise water and red earth ranging from orange to deep red. It’s a bit depressing to come back to winter weather in Perth after the hot weather in Broome. I took lots of […]