Sun Printing and new thermofax designs

I bought some new Sun Dyes paints from The Thread Studio $65 for 10, including 3 shimmer colours.I tried them on a day when there was not much sun but they worked well anyway – we’re having sunny days now but haven’t had a chance to do more yet. There is a great choice of colours […]

Card making

I made a few cards last week. They’re very purple – the blanks were a bargain buy, $1 for packs of 8 with white envelopes. Now I need to find some cellophane bags for them and they’ll go in the shop at Genesis in the Hills. Below: a couple of my demo pieces from a printing […]

Printing and more Darwin pics

I’m doing a 2nd article, this time on thermofax printing, for the Online Quilt Magazine. It required some photos, – above is a result of today’s thermofax printing session.Below: I made a little print block from a strip of corrugated cardboard and test printed on a rollered background. The block is at the bottom of the pic. […]

I’m back from 2 weeks in Darwin!

These are a few of the pics from DH’s camera. We were in a small boat on the Adelaide River, about a metre away from this 4 metre wild crocodile which is jumping out of the water to catch a piece of meat. I wasn’t sorry when this part of the tour ended and we […]