TIF: May and June

Now I’ve finished my exhibition work, it’s time to catch up on my Take It Further Challenge pieces. I’ve decided not to be too pedantic about the chosen colours. While looking for some suitable fabrics last night I found a small collection of printed fabrics (top photo) that I had intended to put together into […]

Top photo is my main piece for the Innovative stitches Group exhibition. I’m still deciding if it’s finished, almost there but maybe just a touch more needed. The design is inspired by fragments of bobbin lace found in the Batavia shipwreck off the WA coast.The 90 x 130cm cotton fabric was dyed with Napthols, silkscreen […]

Printing & Dyeing

Another Breakdown Print Above: a detail of my last breakdown print. The whole piece is shown below. I’ve used bubble wrap impressed onto the dye coated screen. The dye was quite thick and didn’t breakdown as quickly with printing but I quite like how this fabric turned out, the print placement is better and it […]

Dyed FabricsI did these the week before we went to Esperance as well as a batch of my printed silk scarves which are all sent off now without being photographed because I was in a rush. They’re mostly Procion dyes on cotton except the top right light red one which is Napthol. I intend to […]