herb garden & holiday

This is our herb garden – DH is a supplier of herbs for our local vegetarian restaurant: Genesis in the Hills. It is great to have fresh herbs available when cooking. We recently had a short break down south at Dunsborough – the red kangaroo paws above are outside the Margaret River Chocolate factory. Kathleen […]

Exhibition Invitation

Our exhibtion opens soon – here is the invitation. I’ll be busy over the next couple of weeks getting my pieces finished!

Black on Black

This is a section of a piece that is 15 x 35cms on the theme of Black is Black. Its the 2nd of a series for our Designing Women exhibtion in November. The 1st, posted earlier, was A Whiter Shade of Pale. It actually has touches of red and siver in it but the colour […]

WAFTA Naturally Exhibition

Wow! I saw the exhibtion today and thought it looked great. It’s on at the Moores building, Henry Street, Fremantle but only until August 17. All the pieces were 3.5 metres long x 50cms wide in muted colours and there were many beautiful ones. I’ve cropped the photos because we were only meant to photograph […]

Dye work

Above: some of the experimental pieces from last week, all done with procion MX dyes on cotton Most are hand painted with thin or thickened dyes, sometimes both together. One is block printed. The lines are done with thick dye squeezed from a bottle with a small nozzle. These 4 were dyed in the same […]

Free machine embroidery

The first 3 pix are the rest of my It’s About Time exhibition pieces. I ended up selling all but 2 which was pretty good. The one above uses one of my silkscreened fabrics with a dried wood design. It’s been extensively manipulated with free stitching, appliqued areas, slashing, pleating, scrunching and has a few […]

Exhibition Pieces

Today we took my parents to see the exhibitions I currently have work in. It was a lovely sunny day & we had a good lunch at the Fremantle Art Centre Cafe. These 3 from the It’s About Time exhibition have been sold which was very nice. They’re all framed in box frames except the […]