Finished fabrics

Some of these I’ve shown before, but now I think they’re finished. I think I’ll add some stitch to the piece above – it may end up as a quilt. The one below is just a small experiment made to use up left over ink but I like the colours. Below: a detail of the […]

Is it finished?

Have just done my layer on the last RR fabric (Judi’s) I used shiva sticks brushed off the scalloped edge of a plastic doyley with an old toothbrush. The colours are white, yellow ochre & a brown/gold . The aim was to try and pull together the design – I felt the green motifs looked […]

Covered Journals & RR Fabric

I’ve been asked to do some more journals – here are the first 2. I’ll do a few more before I take them to the gallery shop. They’re a good way to use my print sample fabrics. The last RR fabric arrived last week – still deciding what I’ll do with it – perhaps some […]

RR fabric done

Last Saturday at the Designing women meeting we had a silk paper workshop given by Judith Pinnell who’s written 2 books on the subject and has another ready to go. It was a fun workshop – I’ve made silk paper several times before but still learnt a few things. The above piece was done in […]

My Round Robin fabric returns

Today my fabric from the Complex Cloth Yahoo Group round robin came in the mail. It was started in January and has been to 4 people after me but I don’t think it’s finished yet so when I have time, I’ll add more. Thanks to those who worked on it. I still have to add […]

Fabric RR

Linda D’s fabric above, (detail below) arrived last week but I’m still deciding what I’ll do for layer 4. Linda clamp dyed it twice with Procions, Donna added handwriting with soy wax then painted light green procion over the waxed areas and Susan PM silkscreened the gold design with textile paint. I’m considering adding some […]

Batched and washed out

This is my layer on Donna’s fabric from the Complex Cloth group round robin (detail below). I haven’t managed to get the colours quite right in the photo but you can see what I’ve done. Susan screenprinted the smaller square design on with fabric paint, so I decided to keep with her theme and took […]

Framed Embroideries

Our local school is holding an art exhibition in conjunction with their fair and wanted local artists to submit small works so these are a few I’m putting in.Does anyone know how to do close up photos of squares? Mine usually turn out distorted. I had included the frames in these photos but had to […]

Postcard & Round Robin Fabric

A quick post before we go out to lunch with friends. Above: Did this last week & gave it to my niece with her house warming gift. The background is leftover bits from my heart quilt. (previous post)Below: My layer on Susan’s fabric – Procion dye: equal parts scarlet, blue MXG & golden yellow. I […]