New work

Front & back of a bag I finished yesterday. It uses some Napthol dyed fabrics I had, some lino printed with Permaset ink. The fabrics were then pieced and quilted with some patches appliqued on. Inside there are 2 pockets, one zipped. The green frill is silk organza. Below: a scarf I recently made with […]

September TIF

This is where I’m at with the TIF challenge. I may cut it into strips and reassemble but I’m leaving it for now. I know it’s not a great photo, a bit washed out & I didn’t notice the thread accross it until I saw it on the computer screen. The colours for Sept are […]

Latest Bags

The bag above is made from collaged fabric with the flower decoration (detail below) free machined on organza. I used my new couching foot to apply a black metallic yarn for the edges, did more stitching with metallic thread then used a soldering iron to make some holes and cut out the flower shape. (same […]

Bags & Postcards

I’d had this bag for a while, so I decided it needed tizzying up a bit. A lace edging made by free machining on water soluble fabric was added as well as bringing the embroidery down into the top section. I made some fabric heatgun beads, some paper towel beads and some cords to make […]

New Bag

Although I wanted to be printing this week, I thought I should really get some bags finished first as they were promised a while ago. This one, I did yesterday. The fabric is a collage of various printed or dyed pieces plus silk paper, embroidery and yarn. The decorative strip on the flap is made […]

Free machine embroidery

The first 3 pix are the rest of my It’s About Time exhibition pieces. I ended up selling all but 2 which was pretty good. The one above uses one of my silkscreened fabrics with a dried wood design. It’s been extensively manipulated with free stitching, appliqued areas, slashing, pleating, scrunching and has a few […]

New work

These are some of my fabrics in progress drying on the clothesline. Not finished yet, although the front one with the spots is getting there. They’re all very much experimental pieces and I’m enjoying the process. I’ve used thickened procion dyes for the printing. The above machine embroidered piece is from the “It’s About Time” […]

Machine embroidery

I’ve finished my pieces for “It’s About Time” at The Old Bakery on 8th Gallery. Just have to finish the framing now and take them in tomorrow. The exhibition opens Sunday. I’ve photographed my work but won’t post them yet. Above: I was thinking of using this in one of my pieces and decided not […]

March TIF

Just a day late this month. The first photo shows the front & back sections. The fabrics are all silks on a base of pellon with a layer of dyed flannelet over it. I’ve placed strips of various silks over the base with the sheer ones last. Then appliqued the flowers on top using vliesofix […]

Embroidered Panel I did this yesterday to use some leftovers from the January TIF with the addition of some turquoise/blue fabrics. It has a felt base and is mostly free embroidered except for the motifs done on my embroidery machine & some satin stitch. Hope the colour is OK as I still can’t see red […]