Autumn leaves & Chrysanthamums

My photos don’t really do justice to the stunning Autumn leaves we saw in Japan although I took many. We also saw displays of Chrysanthamums everywhere – especially outside the temples. Many of the plants are trained to grow a certain way. The pine tree (bottom right photo) was trained to look like a boat […]

New camera

I’m leaving for Japan on Thursday – so today I’ve been practising with DH’s camera. It’s a small one so will be easier to carry around.The pics are from our garden. The dog, Sarge, belongs to daughter Kathleen – we’re dog sitting while she’s away. The bowls were made by my DH who enjoys wood […]

This week …

2 new covered journals – the top one is a collage of various hand printed cotton fabric pieces with a heat transfer printed ribbon and the flower motif is a digitised design which I’ve extended by using scrunched and frayed fabrics.Below: polyester satin fabric – heat transfer dyed & stitched. The centre panel is a […]

What’s flowering in our garden

It’s a beautiful sunny day today so I had a walk around the garden. Above is a Hardenbergia (native wisteria) creeper which has almst covered the grevillia. I’m not sure what the one below is – it’s quite a tall bush with these incredible flowers – they’re about 10 cms long.

More Garden Photos

I should be working, not blogging but had to take a photo of these while they were at their peak. It’s a Grevillea in our front garden, we think Hookerana (spelling?) but may be wrong. Anyway they are lovely. On Sunday the Catalyst workshop went well I think, they seemed happy with what we did […]

Autumn Leaves

The leaves are from our persimmon tree which has just finished fruiting, aren’t they gorgeous colours. No photos of work yet but I’m doing lots for the 2 exhibitions I’m taking part in. I was going to post the poster for one of them but it’s an Adobe document and I can’t get it to […]

Easter Lillies

As Easter was early this year, our Easter lillies are actually in flower at the right time. They’re in our front garden.Hope everyone had a happy Easter. We had the usual family gathering, minus one daughter who arrived back from Japan today. Just messing about with scraps & dissolvable fabric. I should really be getting […]

Open Garden We went to see this lovely garden in Bickley last weekend. It was open as part of the Open Garden Programme. From the road it didn’t look very big but on walking through it seemed to go on forever with so many little pathways and areas to sit in, lots and lots of […]