Gelatin Printing Workshop

Margaret F has just sent me a photo of this quilt she made from the gelatin printed fabrics she did in my workshop for Designing Women on Saturday and she’s permitted me to post the pic. It’s a buzz when you see someone has taken a workshop technique further – thanks so much for sharing […]

Gelatine printing and more soy wax

Top 2 pics are some of my gelatine prints – just quick ones because I needed to try out the process before I leave. I’m doing a workshop in this and the soy wax for one of my groups 3 days after I return. The 2 next pics are soy wax painted with procion dyes. […]

Soy Wax

I had never used soy wax before – these are my first test pieces. Most are painted with textile paints, except the one with the circles inside squares which is painted with procion dyes. A few more dyed ones are batching. I prefer the dyed ones but paint will probably be easier in a workshop […]