Journal quilts, a bag, BOM

I finally finished my 4 12 x 12″ journal quilts – they have to be in Canberra next Friday so I’m cutting it a bit fine but they should get there on time. Above is ‘Moroccan Mosaic’ detail below. ‘Kiwi Greens’ which I showed before. I’ve added some beads and french knots to indicate moss […]

Getting back to work

Here are my 2 latest journal quilts, the applique on the 1st quilt was designed by folding a piece of paper in 4, cutting out a design, opening it out and using the resulting paper shape as a pattern. Both the background and the applique fabrics were made from scrap pieces, bonding and stitching. The […]

Journal Quilts

My latest journal quilt is made from a half made, quilted bag which I decided would be better cut up and made into something else. I’ve butted up the pieces, stiched them together, then applied a backing. The edges were turned over to the front and stitched. The original bag fabric was dye painted after […]