Better now?

This is the quilt from my last post which I was going to cut up and re-assemble. I ended up cutting out the middle section only and adding in a new rectangle using some of the left over fabrics. I also added the squares around the border – I had been saving these for ages, […]

New stuff & some interesting mail

This is one of the quilts I’ve been working on – it’s quilted but hasn’t been bound yet and still needs some embellishment. As I’m not really a quilter, I feel I need some practice with putting a quilt together, quilting and finishing but I won’t be doing any very intricate, traditional work. I am […]

Product trial

There has been some discussion on the Complex Cloth Yahoo group about a new discharging product: deColourant Plus which was being promoted as a less smelly and safer alternative to the existing products. Dave very kindly offered to send samples to interested members so they could do their own testing. I didn’t think he would […]

New Stuff

Lace flower free machine embroidered on sticky soluble. 19 x 20cms Not sure what I’ll do with this – maybe it needs to part of a larger piece. New covered journals made from my printed/painted fabrics. Work in progress: it still needs quite a bit more stitching. I’m making it to fit a frame I […]

Swaps received

6 ATCs received today from a no theme swap run by the Aus/NZ Art Quilters Yahoo Group. The makers are: Sylvia Orlando, Sue Thomas, Sharon Andrews, Karen Dean, L Clarke & Dorothy Faithful.The ATC far right (which came yesterday) is from Ruby from the UK who is 8 years old.Thanks everyone, they’re all lovely! This […]

Good and Bad News

The bad news first: my quilt, Red Gum, was not selected for Stitched & Bound. I’m just posting the detail pic today because I will submit the quilt for other exhibitions. This time I went to the trouble and expense of professional photos but I’m not sure if that helped. I think they sharpened the […]

Japan & the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair

I made a collage of these photos of wood slats at the village in Takayama – I’d like to use them somehow in my work. Further thought required!Below: just had to show some more cherry blossom at the temples in Takayama. The tree on the left has been bandaged – not sure why. This red […]

Soy Wax

I had never used soy wax before – these are my first test pieces. Most are painted with textile paints, except the one with the circles inside squares which is painted with procion dyes. A few more dyed ones are batching. I prefer the dyed ones but paint will probably be easier in a workshop […]

Quilt progress

Today has been a mixed sort of day… this morning I had a BCC skin cancer removed from my arm – I have a 4 cm cut with stitches. Then I decided to put my quilt, which I finished stitching yesterday evening, into the cloque bath. This is always a little nerve wracking when you’ve […]

Quilt finished & other stuff

Above: made from the left over bits from another work in progress. I stiched them onto poly chiffon then heat-gunned from the back.Below: The finished quilt ‘Magic Carpet’. I first blogged this quite a while ago. I thought it was going to be a bag but decided it could be a wall piece but when […]