Here are a couple of my canvases (theme of Ten) for the DW exhibition – the top one: 10 Leaves, I photographed before sealing the silk paper background and I may also change the finish on a couple of the copper leaves. Below: is finished apart from the hanging wire. It has 10 cut out […]

More with papers

Another piece of silk paper from the W/S. It was manipulated while wet with a satay stick to make holes, then when dry I pushed some hot pink nylon fabric through the holes & stitched around them. Detail below. While I was in paper mode, I made some with paper towels which had been used […]

RR fabric done

Last Saturday at the Designing women meeting we had a silk paper workshop given by Judith Pinnell who’s written 2 books on the subject and has another ready to go. It was a fun workshop – I’ve made silk paper several times before but still learnt a few things. The above piece was done in […]