Rare Bloom

Top: ‘Rare Bloom’ painted, stitched and heat gunned Tyvek, centre part is free machined on soluble vileen which was dissolved, moulded into shape and a heat gunned plastic bag bead added. This is in a box frame but I took it out for the photo. It will be in the school exhibition too. The above […]

Another Bag

This will be the last bag for a while, I have enough to take to the gallery, so I’ll be able to switch back to dying & printing. Although I have a few non art things to attend to first. Thanks to everyone who’s commented on my blog, I try to answer people by email […]

New Bag

Although I wanted to be printing this week, I thought I should really get some bags finished first as they were promised a while ago. This one, I did yesterday. The fabric is a collage of various printed or dyed pieces plus silk paper, embroidery and yarn. The decorative strip on the flap is made […]

This Week’s Bag This little bag is another scrap fabric collage like the one below. I keep all of my scraps even thin bits & selvages. If they are undyed, I save them until I’m doing some dying & throw them in. I have bags of long thin bits, square bits & colour sorted bits […]