Fabric Samples These are some of my workshop samples. The bottom ones are done with a roller on scrunched, previously dyed fabrics. The top photo shows some more sun dyed fabric, 1 done with a plastic grid & the other is large clover leaves. We had just enough sun for some good results on Saturday, […]

Sun Print Fabric BagAs I’m teaching a sunprinting & more workshop on Saturday I thought I’d use some of my experimental pieces to make a bag. I’ve used a few different textile paints & found they all work fine as long as they are fairly runny. The thick ones, like permaset, need thinning with water.For […]

ATCI must apologise for not posting this lovely needle felted & hand stitched ATCI receivedfrom Francoise in Belgium before.Thanks FrancoiseWe’ve been having computer trouble again, finally fixed on Friday. I’ve also been busy teaching & preparing for workshops as well as taking part in the Ilze Aviks workshop which was great.Doreen has tagged me, which […]

Dreams of India full lenthWell it’s all done & delivered today in it’s padded bag. This isn’t a great photo but hopefully it gives an idea of the whole piece.The photo below is a close-up view of the hanging rod. Today also, another pleasant day at the Embroiderers’ Guild. Our group, Innovative Stitches, had a […]

Test Print & BlockHere’s the block print I described in my previous post. I used Permaset fabric printing ink on cotton.I do enjoy block printing, it’s simple, low tech, but can be very effective. Thickened dyes can also be used, especially on fine fabrics like silk so the hand of the fabric isn’t changed.I saw […]

Pincushion HakeaThis hakea is flowering in our garden now. Isn’t it lovely? I’ve had a week of no textile making as I’ve been doing other things like boring housework. At least I can see my sewing room floor now! I had an old friend over for lunch & we’ve also been getting quotes on a […]

Bag in progressThis fabric collage is going to be a bag but I think this technique would work well for wall pieces too. The fabrics are nearly all just dyed cottons except for a couple of silk bits & some knitting yarns. The richness of the fabric is built up with free machine embroidery, built […]

Strange flowerToday we went to Araluen Botanic Park which is close to where we live to see ‘Art in the Park’. There wasn’t much art to see, just some paintings, but it was a beautiful morning & with hardly anyone there, we had an enjoyable wander around the gardens. There were lots of colourful chilli […]