ATCsSome of the 32 ACTs I’vedone for the 84 Group. 1 for each member &1 for the group. The other photos didn’t turn out very well.I may post more later.

I haven’t posted for a while, been busy & out a lot. I’ve nearly finished my 32 ATCs, just have to finish the edges of the last 7. Quite a good day at the 84 Group on Sunday, Marilyn showed us a few of her embroidery techniques & then how to make an album to […]

Cloque Bag, back & front. I made this little bag today from cloque sample pieces & leftover bits. The fabrics are polyester chiffon, organza & satin which were heat transfer dyed before being stitched and Cloqued.I’ll take it to Elizabeth Morley’s gathering tommorrow as we have to take show & tell.She holds a get together […]

Embellisher Blues Back to embellishing today. Both samples are on felt backgrounds. On the left I’ve used various fabrics yarns & some wool tops then quite a bit of hand stitching (very basic stitching, thats all I can do!). On the right, the squares are silk & synthetic velvet. I used wool tops to fasten […]

Another Bag I thought I’d photograph this bag outside but found the colours are slightly washed out in the sun. This was the best photo, it’s in our vegetable garden amongst the tomatoes which are producing prolifically at the moment. The bag is pieced from hand dyed & printed fabric. The print, native seed pods, […]

Beautiful Exchange Tassels Exciting mail today from The Thread Studio, my exchange tassel finally arrived. It’s the one on the right & was made by Janet Clark from UK. The one on the left is from Doreen in Canberra. We did a swap a while ago but I wanted to photograph them together. Many thanks […]

Problem BagI made this bag to use the embroidery from my neckpiece(photo previous post) but I’m still not happy with it. I’m thinkingof cutting off part of the top panel & shaping the top edge, maybe even incorporating some machined lace on soluble fabric.Or then again, perhaps I shouldn’t waste any more time on it.Any […]

Bag with couched cord This bag fabric & couched cotton cord is from the same tray dyeing batch as the red, green & yellow fabric shown in a previous post. It doesn’t have the same detail because it is a thicker & coarser weave fabric. I finished another bag today too but haven’t photographed it […]

Tray Dyeing, silk & cottonsI accidently deleted this photo, so here it is again.