Gelatin Printing Workshop

Margaret F has just sent me a photo of this quilt she made from the gelatin printed fabrics she did in my workshop for Designing Women on Saturday and she’s permitted me to post the pic. It’s a buzz when you see someone has taken a workshop technique further – thanks so much for sharing […]

What I’m working on

I’ve added some stitching & beads to my little felt piece – not quite finished yet. The green one is one of my new ones but I think it only needs a little stitching. This fabric collage is finished for now. I took it along to the ATASDA meeting for some feedback – the advice […]


This month Holey Moley is about lines. The above sample is just straight, machine stitched lines back and forward to make bands. Very simple but quite effective I think – I could see this used on a bookcover or bag. For 2 weekends I’ve been doing workshops by Ken Smith who is a an amazing […]

Fabulous Fabrics with Dye and Paint

Some of the hand painted (with thin & thick Procion dyes on wet and dry) fabrics drying on the veranda. This was after they had been batched and washed out, you can see we got good strong colours.Below: the students at work. We got through a lot in the 3 days, they put in a […]