Thermofax Screen Service

Would you like to print your own designs on to fabric?
Don't have a silkscreen or want to buy expensive equipment?
A thermofax screen is a simple, inexpensive way to do it.

I can burn a screen for you from your own black and white design, which could be a drawing, rubbing, copyright free design, manipulated photograph, block print, document or handwritten piece.

Your screen can be mounted in a plastic frame (see tutorial tab) which makes it easiest to print with or the edges can be taped or painted with acrylic paint to strengthen them. The thermofax is used like a photographic silk screen but is small and light. It will last for hundreds of prints if cared for properly. The mesh stencil (without a frame - edges painted) can also be taped onto a traditional silkscreen and used in the same way as a paper stencil.

Sizes and prices (postage will be added)

A4 with frame: $20
A4 size inside frame measurement is 18cms x 25cms but I recommend leaving at least 2cms top and bottom as a well for your printing ink, so finished artwork size should be no larger than 17.5cms x 21cms if you would like a frame.
A5 size with frame: $12. Artwork size: 11cms x 15cms max.

Without a frame
A4: $16. A5: $9. A6: $6

Your artwork can be emailed to Linda with thermofax in the subject line or mailed. Payment can be made by using PayPal or credit card in my shop. Please email me to discuss your requirements.

Designs for artwork: Large solid black areas do not work well, but texture and fine lines are suitable. These designs on this page are available to order - I do not place any restrictions on the way you use my designs printed with your ordered screen.