Brilliant Colour on Synthetic Fabrics (1 day)

Learn how to create your own fabulous fabrics easily with heat transfer dyes and crayons. Paint/draw a design on paper then transfer it onto your fabric. A variety of methods for colouring papers included as well as direct painting on fabric, shibori techniques, salt effects and more. We will also explore heat setting techniques and the use of thickened dyes for lino block or leaf printing. You will finish the workshop with a range of sample pieces which could be incorporated into your creative projects, embroideries, quilts, etc. and the ability to continue creating at home.

Dispersal Dying 1

Sun Printing and More (1 day)

Create your own exciting fabrics with simple techniques like sun printing. Also learn how to add colour and pattern to fabric by using Shiva oil paint sticks and fabric paints in various ways. You will then have a range of unique fabric sample pieces for reference or to use in your textile work, whether it’s quilts, wearables or embroidery, etc. The techniques we will be covering are very suitable for home use.

Fabulous Fabrics with Dye and Paint (3 – 5 days)

This workshop will start with low water immersion dyeing, printing and hand painting with Procion dye. Then by layering dye processes, discharging to remove colour and adding fabric paint, oil sticks, or metallic foils, you will be able to create stunning, unique fabric which will add another dimension to your textile projects.

Printing and Painting with Procion dyes (1 day)

Learn how to create your own fabulous fabrics by using dyes with surface application techniques such as painting ,sponging, block, mono and roller printing directly onto fabric. By using the dyes thin and thickened, on both wet and dry fabrics, a huge range of effects can be achieived. This workshop will provide a hands on opportunity to try several techniques, come away with a variety of samples as well as a knowledge of processes and materials which will enable you to continue creating some unique fabrics.